Azalea White Vase

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We can't get enough of this piece and its stitches details. Made from white clay and copper, this decorative vase has a boho-chic look. We love it by itself or paired with more of our favorite pieces.

Each one is made by hand, which means—just like you—each one is truly unique.

Dimensions: 5" height x 4" width x 2" base diameter

Limited edition: this product is numbered and from a limited edition of 250.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity, an introductory booklet, a dust bag and a product box

Stitches Collection: With a simple thread, we can give a second life to a vintage dress, a teddy bear or even to our own flesh. It’s impressive how little it takes to make things whole again. If a simple thread can provide so much strength, a thoughtful word and a kind smile can lift someone’s spirit. A beautiful reminder that with just a mundane act of kindness we can change the life of others

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