Ava White Cylinder Vase

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A simple beauty of this vase is striking, elevated by the representation of stitches. The combination of the semi white glaze and the copper metal thread is exquisite and the irregular cutout reflects the authentic story behind the piece.

Each one is made by hand, which means—just like you—each one is truly unique.

Dimensions: 7.75" X 4.25"

Limited edition: this product is numbered and from a limited edition of 250.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity, an introductory booklet, a dust bag and a product box

Stitches Collection: With a simple thread, we can give a second life to a vintage dress, a teddy bear or even to our own flesh. It’s impressive how little it takes to make things whole again. If a simple thread can provide so much strength, a thoughtful word and a kind smile can lift someone’s spirit. A beautiful reminder that with just a mundane act of kindness we can change the life of others

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