How To Make Good French Press Coffee

How To Make Good French Press Coffee

Coffee is a source of happiness for many across the world. For many it’s the first thing that touches their lips in the morning and what keeps them going throughout the day. So how do you make your coffee? Do you resort to a quick Keurig Pod? Maybe you stop at the local Starbucks on your way to your workplace. Or perhaps you know enough about coffee and how to make a good cup at home that you are endeavouring upon how to make the perfect cup of french press coffee at home. Well all of us at Home Sweet Abode are emphatic about our coffee and we want to share our tips and method of making a good french press coffee. Don’t have a French Press yet but would love to try it? Today’s your day check out our state of the art beautiful and sleek French Press

Things You’ll Need

  • French Press
  • Good Clean Water
  • Kettle
  • Scale 
  • Burr Grinder
  • Your Favorite Coffee Beans
  • Know Your Brew Ratio

6 Steps for How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Using a French Press

1. Boil Water in Kettle

So we’ll start with boiling the water in the kettle. We do this first so it will be ready once we’ve completed the next steps. 

2. Grind Coffee Beans

 Meanwhile we’ll grab our beans and begin grinding them in our burr grinder on a coarse setting. You may want a medium coarse grind or a finer grind. It’s best to stay on the coarse side. 

3. Using Brew Ratio, Add Coffee Grounds 

Now, grab your french press and place it on your scale. Once the beans are grinded put them in your french press. Make sure you take into account the exact weight of your french press so you can use your preferred coffee-water brew ratio. Fill the french press with however much coffee you’ll need for your ratio and then add the boiling water. I will typically use a 1:12 or 1:15 ratio for my french press but you can choose whatever ratio you prefer. So as an easy example if you’re adding 30 grams of coffee grounds then you should add approx 350 grams of water. Easy enough! 

4. Let The Coffee Steep

Now you just let it sit. I’ve experimented with shorter steep times but you wouldn’t want to steep for less than 3 mins. Some say they steep as long as 5 minutes. The stronger you want your brew the longer you should leave it. It’s up to your taste buds to decide! 

5. Press the Coffee

Once your timer goes off gently press your beans to the bottom of your french press and pour into your glass!

6. Enjoy

You’ve just made the perfect cup of French Press Coffee! Pat yourself on the back.

French Press coffee is many peoples’ preferred method of making coffee and rightly so, it is one of the richest and fullest cups of coffee you can make easily at home! Don’t have a French Press yet but would love to try it? Today’s your day! Check out our state of the art beautiful and sleek French Press on our store -> 

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