Home Staging + Value in House Plants

Home Staging + Value in House Plants

The Value of House Plants

 We all love our homes and want to add value to them. Recently we had the pleasure at Home Sweet Abode to be a part of staging a home for resale in our local community. We worked with the owner to bring their home alive using house plants and some more of our decor! We are passionate about the value that indoor plants bring to homes not just for the health of the residents and home owners but also the beauty and elegance they bring to the style of the home. We are proud to support growth and our big push comes in supporting the growth of the house plant community. We love connecting with the house plant community and urge them to sign up for our newsletter as there is more and more valuable insight and details that will be found there in regards to the community. We thank each and everyone who is a part of the Home Sweet Abode community and we urge people to stay connected with us as we grow our store and as we grow this community. 

 Thank you for sticking with us and as always if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to us by email, Instagram DM, or on our website we would love to connect. 



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