home Sweet Abode online store for furnishings and home decor. Furniture, Rugs, Macramé, House Plant Accessories and more
Home Sweet Abode your online store for home furnishings and home decor. All things for your home from furniture to area rugs to decor and much more. House plant accessories, Macramé and even drink ware.


We were so happy with the great customer service we received when we bought an area rug from Home Sweet Abode. Will definitely be shopping with them again. 

Katrina Lander

Great hanging macrame items we bought from here. They're just as shown in the photos and look like great quality - can't wait to use them more!

Angela Simmon

At Home Sweet Abode our desire is to create a community of people who are passionate about furnishing their homes. We want to provide our customers with only the best and most unique and trendy home decor products. We want you to be proud of your home and the decor that you choose to furnish it with. Our aim is to be the best source for buying home decor online and we will continue to evolve and change as home decor styles and themes change. 

We carry a strong focus on providing home decor products for the House Plant / Indoor Plant Decor  Community since we started our journey by selling Macrame products such as Macrame Hanging Planter items and Macrame Wall Hangers. These macrame products were what got us started and is what continues to fuel the creativity of so many in the indoor plant communities. We love being involved in their journey of creating their beautiful green spaces with our home decor and look forward to continuing being partners with them! 

We’ve grown and developed so much from where we began when we were just selling our basic macrame hanging planter, round jute rug, floating side table , plant vase and other home decor products like planter boxes for sale. Since then, we have begun featuring items for your entire home! From home decor to coffee mugs to area rugs and everything in between. 

We’re specifically proud to be partnered with an area rug crafting company that supplies us with only the best in the area rug industry so that we can continue to add depth and texture to our communities’ homes! We’re proud to be a verified place to buy rugs online. Our rug collection is growing as we expanded from our patterned rug and round jute rug being our only products to now having a wide selection of rugs and area rugs available. 

On the same breath, we’re equally as happy to be featuring a great selection of curtains and blackout curtains that our customers are loving! We have seen some of our curtains be used in extremely beautiful and dynamic settings that create such a wonderful contrast in our customers homes. We’re proud to be the best option for people to buy curtains online

Our aim is to sell the best and most trendy home decor products and we vow to continue having the best customer support possible. We are always looking for new ways to how we can continue to support our customers and help them in their furnishing journey. We are happy to partner with amazing people and home decor suppliers that allow us to continue our journey together and we always love getting feedback from our customers. It encourages us and also helps us become better, so never feel shy to reach out and inquire about anything!

Home Sweet Abode your place for plants and house plant items and accessories. Planters, pots, vases and even Macramé. We help make your home more green.


Why not make your heart happy about your home? We help you make your abode just that much more sweet by helping you add to its beauty and natural elegance. We do this through helping you present indoor plants with our Macramé, Vases and Pots. Our Rugs, Curtains, and Cushions create depth, texture and diversity. We bring you convenience, sustainability, and happiness with our products. Our wish for you is a home well furnished; so you've come to the right place!

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